Why Choose Us?

  • We are Broker direct! Neal and Vanessa are both licensed real estate brokers. By law, Real Estate Agents have to work and split their commissions under an employing broker. You will most likely never meet them, and they will collect 40% of the total fees and commissions. This leaves agents no room to give you a better deal when selling or buying.  
  • We hold an active General contractors license. We can legally make repairs and or educate our customers on any construction related issues. When buying or selling a property, we can evaluate it before you waste money on an inspection. We know houses from the inside out! When other agents are scrambling to find you another flake handyman we are getting the job done. 
  • We are a Direct Wholesale Lender. We set all of our loan rate discount points and fees. This makes it almost impossible for most loan officers to compete. We don't just process our clients and stamp them with fees. We are experts at dealing with your unique situation and getting you approved, refinanced, or reverse mortgages.  Apply Here
  • We hold an active c-54 tile and stone contractors license. This is important when buying or selling a home with questionable tile, stone, and shower work.
  • We Negotiate the Best Price & Terms for You - We have over 15 years experience negotiating contracts, and we have saved our clients a ton of money.
  • Buyer Services are Free -  Home buyers often don't realize that it doesn’t cost anything to use our buyer agent services - our commission is paid by the seller.

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Thank you for your interest in working with us. We serve buyers and sellers in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and surrounding areas. Whether you're buying a new construction executive home in Lake Forest or selling a luxury condo in Irvine, we can make the process a success.

We are dedicated to achieving the best result for each of our clients. We are real estate professionals with extensive training, knowledge, and expertise in the local real estate market. We are committed to providing our clients the best real estate services in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas.

Buyers | Search all listings in Orange County, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas.

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Home buyers told us what they wanted in real estate website ...

  • Every listing from every company in one place
  • Prompt removal of sold and expired listings
  • Fast updates for new listings

... and we listened:

Our website provides the largest, fastest, and most accurate database of homes, along with a user-friendly experience that can't be beaten.

SellCARealty.com: Direct Access to the Local Database

We pay for a direct feed from the Realtor-only database used by all Southern California agents to list homes available for sale.

National Portals: Slow, Inaccurate and Incomplete

Nationwide websites like Trulia and Zillow only have access to a fraction of agent-listed homes. In a recent study by the WAV Group, the number of homes available on websites was measured in cities across the U.S. Zillow, and Trulia had 20% fewer homes available on their websites than local sites like SellCARealty.com.


In Orange County, the national websites averaged more than 30% fewer homes. Zillow had just 72% of the agent-listed homes available, while Trulia had only 63%. SellCARealty.com receives 100% of agent-listed homes with our direct feed from the local database.  Only a local brokerage can deliver those listings to you accurately, every day.


Many of the best homes are selling the first week they come on the market. National portals can take over a week to upload new home listings to their websites, and even longer to remove sold listings. SellCARealty.com updates every day with new listings. Our home buyers see the newest listings first, and they have a better chance at finding the right home before it's sold.


Our buyers can also receive daily emails with the newest listings in their neighborhood to stay on top of the changes in their local market and be prepared when the right home comes along. Save a search to start the process.

Buyers need to have accurate, complete, up-to-the-minute information available to them in today's competitive market. At SellCARealty.com, we strive to give you the best possible information, every minute of every day.



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